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Captain America Chopper
This is your one-stop shop for becoming a bona fide, federally licensed vehicle/automobile manufacturer to issue 17 digit VIN numbers and MCOs.

If you want to build automobiles / vehicles including motorcycles (choppers, trikes, scooters, mopeds, etc) , trailers, LSVs (low speed vehicles, aka street legal golf carts), ,or even buses, trucks, cars, limos, etc, then you need to first get properly licensed and registered with the USDOT/NHTSA through this process.

Captain America Trailer We get you completely and properly registered and on the USDOT NHTSA listing website of registered vehicle manufactures recognized by the federal government. We set you up to issue your own bona fide 17 digit VIN numbers and MCOs as a legal, bona fide, registered and government-approved vehicle manufacturer. We also set-up your VIN code system; and we get you complete, easy instructions to make doing your job of doing each VIN number, printing MCOs amd labels, etc VERY easy!!!!

This program is THE ONE AND ONLY FULL SERVICE VIN LICENSE PROCESSING PROGRAM to enable you to legally and properly issue 17 digit vehicle manufacturer Vehicle Identification Numbers (a.k.a. VINs) and Manufacturer Certificates of Origin (MCOs) which are acceptable in all U.S. states and throughout the world as pre-titles to your complete vehicles.

Other companies leave you hanging in the lurch to complete the NHTSA processing yourself - including creating an acceptable and usable VIN code.


We get your manufacturer's number assigned AND we complete your entire DOT/NHTSA submissions properly - including a proper and acceptable VIN code that works GREAT for YOU!!!

We get you posted with a completely green-check-marked, fully approved listing on the USDOT / NHTSA website of registered vehicle manufacturers for DMVs, tag agencies, banks, and insurance companies to check.

NHTSA GREEN CHECK MARK And we get you a complete Manufacturers Kit - MCOs and labeling for your first 50 vehicles!!!...

After that your only ongoing cost is MCOs and labels - about $2 total per vehicle!

There are NO headaches, NO hassles, NO red tape!... We handle everything!


You are good to go... FOREVER!... In as little as 1 to 2 weeks!!!

LSV manufacturer license I get you on the USDOT NHTSA list website of registered vehicle manufacturers that is checked by state DMVs for verification of the legitimacy of your VINs and MCOs.

Either for complete vehicles such as motorcycles, trailers and LSVs, and/or for motorcycle frames, motorcycle kits, trailer kits, etc. -- this is the process you need to do in order to build DMV-acceptable motorcycle frames and/or kits or trailer or LSV kits with DMV-acceptable numbers and MCOs for home builders and special construction.
VW Trike
This is the professional way to operate -- legal, licensed and legitimately as a real business rather than just a home-builder selling "kit" or "homemade" bikes. "Special construction" DMV-numbered vehicles with their short (usually 10 or 14 digit) State Vehicle Numbers (SVNs) have much less value than real vehicles with real VIN numbers -- 17 digit long manufacturer USDOT NHTSA VIN numbers that are recognized worldwide.

Vehicles with state-issued numbers have problems that really hurt their market value. Special construction titling and registration (a.k.a. homemade) vehicles are often difficult; to transfer, to insure, to title and register in other states, to finance, AND even take into many states AND they can't be taken across the Canadian border, etc. Many states are severely restricting or completely eliminating special construction titling altogether so getting licensed to manufacturer and issue your own real VIN numbers is the only smart move to make now.


Having a 17 digit NHTSA VIN number and MCO will easily add much more value to your vehicles (motorcycles, trailers, LSVs, etc) than using special construction (aka homebuilt or one-off) state-issued ID numbers that are hard to insure, transfer etc. Save yourself and your customers the headaches and hassles of special construction processes and sell your motorcycles, trailers and LSVs for a much higher price. This really is a no-brainer.

As your VIN Consultant, I handle this entire registration process, I set up your VIN code system for you, and I get you all of the info and instructions you need for generating your VIN numbers and doing your MCOs and VIN labels .... AND get you a starter packet of MCOs and labeling to get you going!!!!

VIN for chopper motorcycle

SERVICE: I will take care of the entire federal vehicle manufacturer license registration process for you and set up your VIN code, get it approved and get you all of the info and instructions for doing your VIN numbers and printing your MCOs and labels. I will provide you ALL of the information and instructions you will need to easily calculate your VIN numbers, and print your MCOs (vehicle manufacturer's titles) VIN labels and MCOs. I will get you licensed and registered with the USDOT and I will get you will be listed on the USDOT NHTSA list on their registry website of vehicle manufacturers authorized to issue VIN numbers and MCOs -- for DMVs throughout the country to verify.

easy-to-use, easy-to-adjust .doc printing templates!!!
Starter Pack MCOs VIN labels

TIME: This USDOT Federal vehicle automobile and trailer manufacturer registration process documentation process takes typically about 1 to 2 weeks total time... from the very beginning to getting everything submitted, approved and posted on the USDOT / NHTSA website of federally-recognized, licensed and registered vehicle manufacturers for all DMVs throughout the US and the world to confirm you and issue titles with your company as the "make" for vehicles - motorcycle trailers, LSVs, cars, trucks, vans, limos, etc.

special deal VIN license
COST: HOT SPECIAL DEAL!! Get our full-service package NOW
for just $575
-- NO hidden costs, NO extras, NO recurring fees -- NO annual fees --

Whether you are manufacturing motorcycles, trailers or LSVs, I make your federal vehicle manufacturer process very easy on you. There are NO headaches, NO hassles, NO inspections, NO background checks, NO problems.


E-Mail me -- Chuck Bauman -- at
or call me at 602-540-8915

with any questions

BUY MCOs at the MCO STORE!....

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VIN & TITLE SERVICE - Do you have a motorcycle, chopper, bike, trike, etc that you need a VIN number, label and state-issued title for?


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