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Motorcycle and Trailer Manufacturers Licensing Agency
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LSV Low Speed Vehicle Photos:

lsv photo
Photo Above: LSV -- classic lsv (low speed vehicle) based on a golf cart. Fun, fun, fun!!

To get your license to manufacture LSVs, drop me a line at

lsv manufacturer license
Photo: The federal government license to manufacturer and sell LSVs. This process only takes about 2 to 4 weeks and there are no hassles or inspections.

license to manufacturer LSVs
Photo: Get your license to manufacturer and sell LSVs. I can handle the whole process for you for only $500 with no hidden costs or recurring fees.

lsv manufacturing license
If you want to get your LSV manufacturing license, let me know. $500 flat fee, NO hidden fees, NO recurring fees, NO hassles, NO headaches, NO inspections, NO background checks.

Hooters Girls LSV
PHOTO: Sexy Hooters Girls with the Hooters own golf-cart-based LSV. These vehicles are lots of fun and they are very handy for many people in may situations.

VIN numbers for LSVs
Photo: As part of handling your license process for you, I will set up your VIN codes with the USDOT as well as all of the difficult hassles of the process and I will get you fully informed (in nice easy terms) about everything you will be doing -- coding VINs, etc...

LSV Bikini babe
Photo: Bikini Model with LSV

Electric Car LSV
Photo: This is an electric powered LSV. Your LSVs can be powered by electric, gasoline, LP, CNG, hydrogen, diesel, etc....

High Class LSV
Photo: This is a very sharp, classy LSV. These handy little vehicles are can be built and sold inexpensively and/or extremely profitably if you design your cars to aim at the high-end market. Luxury LSVs cars are a huge market and a very big dollar maker.

Please contact me at crb1177@yahoo.comwith any questions. Also my phone is (602) 540-8915 though you will probably have to leave a message. Feel free to call me in the evening as it is usually easier to get me then.

ONLY $500 - BUY NOW!

Email me - Chuck Bauman - at or
phone me at (602) 540-8915
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