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The standards and meaning of the terms MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin) and MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) can be a bit confusing. That confusion results from in various problems.

The MSO (Manufacturer's STATEMENT of Origin) is basically a fancy receipt for a component such as an engine, frame, etc. In motorcycle titling, the MSOs are usually required by state DMVs as part of the inspection process for home-made "special construction" motorcycles. The DMVs want to make sure that significant parts and components are not stolen. Often times frame manufacturers and engine manufacturers stamp their serial numbers into the components. If even filed off, special technologies can reveal these numbers.
br> The MCO (Manufacturer CERTIFICATE of Origin) is a certificate quality document as the name implies. In its look, the paper used, the inks used, the special printing technologies used, the MCO is similar to a modern stock certificate, birth certificate, vehicle title, etc. It is clearly not something printed on an office or home inkjet or laser printer.

While the MCO can be used for the purpose of a MSO as a receipt for a major component, it is mostly designed to serve as a pre-title to a complete manufactured vehicle. There are serious standards for MCOs and while some DMV accept MSOs forms as MCOs, it is best not to count on that. As a manufacturer it is wise that you get actual MCO forms for your vehicles. These forms come from only certain certified bank note printers.

There are other printers out there on the internet who will gladly sell you a cheap form that they call an "MCO" but is not accepted as an MCO by all DMVs. These cheap forms do not meet the legal standards in paper, inks, and printing techniques etc required for a bank note quality MCO that will be accepted as a vehicle pre-title by the DMV in all states and territories and internationally as well.

It is your responsibility as the manufacturer to make sure that you are issuing the proper form of MCO. Printers who make and sell cheap improper MCO forms get away with it because YOU are the responsible party. You need to make sure that you are using the right MCOs.

Now, it is a simple fact that some DMVs wrongly accept MCOs that are not right but if you count on DMV employees making this error you can find yourself in a very embarrassing situation with a customer who is told that your MCO is unacceptable. You could face fraud charges as well of course.

Bona fide MCO forms are extremely high-quality bank note document forms. They have special features such as very particular paper and prismatic inks, etc. Don't skimp, don't cut corners, don't try to get by with the lower quality MSO forms for your vehicles as many states do NOT accept those for MCOs and your customers will get very upset.

As part of my service I will get you the names of certified printers of MCO forms that will be accepted as pre-titles to your vehicles by all DMVs in the US and internationally as well.

Manufacturers Certificate of Origin for a Vehicle

MCO (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) PRINTERS:

As part of my service I will get you the names of certified printers of MCO forms that will be accepted as pre-titles to your vehicles by all DMVs in the US and internationally as well.

Please contact me at dr1ace@yahoo.comwith any questions. Also my phone is (602) 540-8915.

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