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We handle the USDOT import agent processing. The entire process is fairly quick and very inexpensive. For $2500 one-time cost our firm will handle the entire process - set you up as import agent for a foreign manufacturer AND handle their registration with the USDOT as well.

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This is your one-stop for becoming a bona fide, federally-registered vehicle import agent.

If you want to bring in new vehicles from outside the US - motorcycles, choppers, trikes, LSVs (street-legal golf carts), trailers, cars, trucks, buses, etc - you need to first get properly registered with the US government DOT through this process.

I get you completely and properly registered and on the USDOT and get the foreign manufacturer you are representing listed on the USDOT website for registered vehicle manufactures recognized by the federal government... I make it all very easy!!!!

Either for complete vehicles such as motorcycles, trailers and LSVs, and/or for motorcycle frames, motorcycle kits, trailer kits, etc. -- this is the process you need to do in order to build DMV-acceptable motorcycle frames and/or kits or trailer or LSV kits with DMV-acceptable numbers and MCOs for home builders and special construction.

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Whether you are importing motorcycles, trailers or LSVs, I make your federal vehicle manufacturer process very easy on you. There are NO headaches, NO hassles, NO inspections, NO background checks, NO problems.

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