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Chopper builders have for some time operated fairly loosely. The ability to function that way is fading away as a growing wave of state and federal laws sweeps America. The good news is that getting into compliance with these laws is fairly easy and cheap. Additionally using the proper legal methods for manufacturing motorcycles will increase your customers ease of financing and insuring your products and end up increasing your marketability.

The federal DOT process for becoming licensed to manufacturer motorcycles as a chopper builder is really fairly simple and quick. I will do all of the paper work for you -- including getting your WMI number assigned, setting up your VIN coding, etc. and get you legal to issue VINs and MCO's (Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin) that you need to make each of the choppers you build a completely legally manufactured motorcycle -- just like the big motorcycle companies.

Technically motorcycles have also had the EPA qualification requirement for some time but few chopper builders have gone to the simple effort to comply. Motorcycle manufacturers -- especially small bike shops -- imagine that the process for complying with the EPA is difficult and expensive. It is neither.

You simply need to register online with the EPA to get a three digit identifier number at no charge and then you need to place an EPA compliance label on each chopper along with the VIN label. These labels are even obtained from the same source. Of course you do have to use brand new EPA compliant motorcycle engines in your bikes -- such as S & S Motors, etc. but you are probably doing that anyway.

EPA information for licensed motorcycle manufacturers

Frankly the most difficult step in the process of getting you legal as a motorcycle manufacturer - chopper builder - will be your state government. Generally your state's DMV of Department of Transportation will have some sort of motorcycle or vehicle manufacturer license. The most difficult aspect of this is generally finding out what your state's manufacturer license process actually IS -- who to get ahold of, etc. Be patient and be prepared to make a few phone calls.
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