After registering with the U.S. DOT as a motorcycle manufacturer you will need to register with the EPA as well. This process has to be done by the manufacturer and involves a simple verification process and the issuance of a three-digit EPA number. You will need to obtain EPA stickers which will need to be placed on your motorcycles as well as manufacturers (VIN) labels.

Since it is easiest to order the EPA labels and your Motorcycle Manufacturer VIN labels together you will want to complete the EPA online registration process before contacting a label maker for your VIN labels.

The motors you will use from each qualified motorcycle manufacturer engine provider will be EPA compliant. So your only EPA costs will be the time and effort of the ID verification and registration process itself and nominal cost of the EPA labels.

Please note that Harley-Davidson motors are NOT EPA certified for use by any other motorcycle manufacturers except Harley-Davidson. This is a weird fact but an important one. While you can buy a new Harley-Davidson motor, it is illegal to use it as the motorcycle manufacturer (chopper builder) as the original equipment motor in a new manufactured motorcycle by any builder except Harley-Davidson.

Here's what happened. The EPA conducted a special program for motorcycle engine manufacturers to certify their motors to be new motors in new motorcycle built by various manufacturers and small chopper shops, etc. The EPA established and conducted this program for the specific purpose of making EPA compliance a simple inexpensive process for smaller shops. The EPA tried but was not able to convince Harley-Davidson to participate in this program. The other well-known aftermarket motorcycle producers (such as S & S, etc.) did participate in this program and the motors are qualified for your purposes. Please be sure to check with your engine suppliers for compliance information and assistance.

While emissions compliance by small-scale chopper building shops and motorcycle manufacturers has largely been overlooked to date, the states themselves are beginning to pass laws to check for emission compliance for vehicle registration. This could end up being a major problem for motorcycle manufacturers who are not in compliance with the EPA registration and labeling laws. Criminal and civil action for motorcycle manufacturers for non-compliance with Federal EPA and California CARB rules is a real possibility from now on so please get in compliance with this simple process and information. Again the process is fairly easy and cheap (registration itsef is free) so there is no reason not to go ahead and comply

The EPA number assignment process basically needs to be done by an official of the manufacturer company. EPA MOTORCYCLE MANUFACTURER REGISTRATION PROCESS The person at the EPA to get ahold of if you need any help or have any questions is John LaCroix. He is a real good guy. His email is LaCroix.John@epamail.epa.gov and his phone number is 734-214-4869.

In total you will need to issue a new vehicle manufacturer (VIN number) label and EPA label on each new motorcycle manufactured. There are several companies which produce and sell these labels. Some of these companies also produce the Manufacturers Certification of Origin forms that you will need as well or you may obtain your MCO from a separate printer such as American Bank Note Company ( abncomany.com ). The MCO is basically a "pre-title" to a vehicle. It is the document that state MVDs will use to issue a "Certificate of Title".

VIN and EPA Label Makers:
Decorated Products
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Phone: (413) 568-0944
FAX (413) 568-1875

Dec-O-Art Inc.
29150 Lexington Park Drive
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Phone:(800) 225-6879
Fax: (800) 295-6534

Cadillac Sign & Decal
4646 Poplar Level Road
Louisville, KY 40213-2319
Phone: (502) 964-4444
Fax: (502) 964-5594

Meeks Printing Company
222 North Main Street
Sikeston, MO 63801-4212
Phone: (573) 471-8750 or 800-455-0911
Fax: (573) 471-7518

2525 Honolulu Avenue
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Phone: (818) 957-5647
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